Oh God. I've changed.

Once upon a time a colleague of mine sent an email to me and my friends with a picture attached of their small child. The subject was something along the lines of 'worlds cutest baby'. My friends and I howled. And snorted. And basically took the piss massively (behind her back obv). For a good few months after.

A decade on. That's me that is. I've turned into one of them. A proper bona fide Mom. It happened slowly. But there are a host of things I do on a day to day basis which disappoint me. But I can't stop. As I bloody love it! 

I photograph everything...
Literally everything and anything to do with my children. I can't get enough if it. When Instagram was invented. It was my dream. I can take photos of my children. And make them look even better! The actual dream. I once nearly took a picture of a poo. I drew the line there. Even Instagram won't make poo better. Not even 'lofi'. 

My girls feet. Instagrammed. Lofi. Obv!

I weep...
At any given moment I weep. Anything to do with my children. I weep. When the girl met Igglepiggle? Wept. When we went to Disney in Ice and we saw Frozen. I howled and howled. The girl really wasn't that arsed to be honest. I wept at the Easter 'crap hat' parade. I weep thinking they will one day be married. Sap. 

I can show you the woooorrrllld...
I used to hate Disney so hard. I had never seen The Little Mermaid or longed for a Woody toy. Now? I can sing every Disney song ever. I get excited when you get the vouchers in the front of DVDs and eventually I get a free one. I even have a Disney Princess keying. Jeez. Who am I?

We love us some Disney. 
I did this...
I had 'the' family portrait. You know the super cheesy one where you all wear smart clothes and all look a bit odd. I had one of them done. Actually not one. We had two sessions! And paid approximately one bazillion pounds for these pictures. And then facebooked them. 

Worlds cheesiest family photo. Fact. 
I jacked in working full time. Prior to the birth of the boy I applied for a promotion. At nine months pregnant I got an interview due for three weeks after his birth. I cancelled it. And now? I work two days. And the rest of time I tart around doing Mom things like weeping and watching Disney and organising photo shoots. 

I've let myself down. I've changed. There's no going back. Both times I've given birth and emailed all staff at my work with a picture of my 'world cutest baby'. And you know? Let them snort and howl with laughter. I couldn't give a toss. Fact. 
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