Pleased to meet you. I'm hybrid mother.

I am a part time working part time stay at home mom. So a PTWPTSAHM. Catchy no? I'm not sure that will catch on. Basically I work two days a week and have done since I went back to my job after my boy. Pre my boy I was full time.

I'll be honest. I'm struggling. I'm not entirely sure where I belong? I've not given anything up. I don't feel I've sacrificed anything. I can't join in full time working conversations. Or SAHM conversations. I'm this weird hybrid.

When asked by people what I do I'm never really sure what to say. I'm at home more than at work being a teacher but I still work? I'm not fully around to do all the pre school run and clubs and things but I'm not at work to do all the worky things either. I'm generally all round out of any loop that's going!

Love being off with the sprogs but I'm not sure where I belong?

In my first meeting back after being off on maternity leave I cried. In front of everyone. Like a total lunatic mother who couldn't control her hormones. I just didn't know what to say or do. I feel I'm torn between two worlds.

I controversially work because I love it. And I controversially stay at home because I love that. I've had people say to me "oh its a shame you have to stay at home because you can't afford to put your children in nursery full time". And I've had people (countless) make the hilarious and never boring, no not at all, 'part timer' jokes. I get criticism (although rarely said with malice) from both sides.

I've written this as I would love to hear what other part time parents feel? How do cope? Do you still feel a sense of worth at home and at work? Is what I'm feeling normal? Help! 

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