Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sat Cap!

Today is Satcap day! This week was 'World Book Day'. Whilst most of you were worrying about what you were going to dress your children up as I was worrying about what the hell I was going to wear. I was designated the lion from Oz (curse being part time and not round for these discussions). I think World Book Day is a bit different for teachers in a secondary school. We had Bond, we had dead Curlys wife from Of Mice and Men as well as Sherlock and the cast of Robin Hood. 

Below is a piccy of me and my lovely chum Rach (dead Curleys wife). Can you caption it?...




  1. "It's totally possible to take a selfish even if you do have paws. See!"

    You gals look super cute :)

    1. Thanks! Oh how we we love a selfie! Always have to be held reaaaalllllyyyy high mind to look thinner than you actually are! xxx


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