The day goats nearly killed me and the girl

Yesterday we had a choice for Mothers Day. Either go for a beaut afternoon tea, where the kids would inevitably have a full on breakdown and smash cake in each others faces orrrrr the Safari Park where we could have fun and no breakdowns. We quite rightly chose the latter. 

In the kiddies fairground bit they have a fab Lemur and Goat walk. Below are some pictures, took by the hub, of me and the girl feeding the goats. We were terrified! My fav bit is the fact the girl looks so excited but with utter pure fear. Hilarious. All the time she was screaming "there's poo on my shoe, poo on my shooooeeeeeee"! Ha ha ha. Ace happy memories. 

PS the giant badge was a Mother's Day one. Not a fashion statement! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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