To everything turn turn turn...

There's a spring chill in the air this morning. The sun is out. I can drive to work in the light. The birds are tweeting and the daffs are blowing in the wind. 

The season has definitely changed. Spring is here and summer is on it's way. My girl who's approaching three and a half is every so slowly changing too. She's turning into a little girl. A toddler no more. 

I noticed the change a few weeks ago. She rarely falls over now. She's strong on her feet and can run and jump and skip and hop (kinda). Bedtime is no longer a screaming battle where everyone ends up sobbing. Last night. I read her a story, gave her a Tangled magazine left the light on and she waved me goodnight. That was it. I weirdly felt a bit sad. 

She will play now. Actual real life games. 'Teachers' is her favourite. She tells her Peppa toys to put their fingers on their lips and Danny Dog regulary gets in trouble. Yesterday she gave me a quiz on my favourite things. Did I prefer chocolate or spaghetti? Milk or water? She told me milk makes your bones grow strong and exercise is good for you. 

The season has changed. We have left the winter where everything is dark and it seems it's never going to end. We have entered spring. And it's beautiful. I still have that inner urge that wishes she needed me as much as she did. That I could pick her up and snuggle her whilst she weeps as she's bumped her head. Again. 

But I'm looking forward to the summer. Where our cuddles now are for happy, fun times. For times when we watch Frozen together in bed. Or hold hands shopping for some pretty party shoes. Or chat about fun she's had in preschool. 

It's just as well. As the boy turns two start of 2015 and it starts all over again. For the next six months. I will enjoy my brief respite from those tricksome toddler years. And bathe in the sun of my baby girl growing up. 
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