Ways to avoid the 'Mummy Meltdown'

Any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? Overtired. Hungry. Irritable. Frustrated. Bored. Yes you've described the common (shudder) 'Toddler Tantrum' but also the five main elements to ensure a full on 'Mummy Meltdown'. They creep up on you and before you know it you too will be weeping, holding a discounted candle in a superstore whilst both your children sob and the general public look on horrified (that may have been me on Tuesday).

Overtired: do not leave the house with the children if you are knackered. Only if you go to a situation where you can maybe 'ignore' them for a bit. And I don't mean as in drop them off at a theme park and do a runner. A soft play or god even better a play date where they can trash someone else's house and you can sleep with your eyes open whilst your mate moans about her husband. 

Ignoring my boy at playgroup

Hungry: it's easy to not eat with little ones. Or do the old "I'll just eat what they leave" trick and you end up consuming three cold peas and half a waffle. Eat! Even if it means eating in secret in the kitchen whist they play. Do it. Hunger is a sure fire way to make you want to weep. Fact. 

Irritable: this is a tricky one. I spend the majority of my life irritable about something. Too much washing. Washing not put away. No clean socks. In fact I'm mainly irritable about the washing. So get a bit of help with that or whatever irritates you and eliminate the grumpiness from your life. No point getting irritable with having to watch Peppa all day. Embrace that. It's not going to change for a bit. Doom. 

Frustrated: children are tricky little buggers. They can't talk or walk for ages so the frustration of having to lug them around and trying to decipher what 'Bligh a giah po" means is brain numbing. Call me a bad mom but if I find myself frustrated. On the verge of screaming. I pop on the joy that is Cbeebies give them a bowl of snacks to fight over like wild animals and take a small break. By break I mean hiding my head in the fridge whilst I wolf down a packet of fruit pastilles. 

Eating biscuits. Watching tele. Happy days. 

Bored: be honest. It's a bit boring being a Mom isn't it? Some moments are fulfilling and life changing. But the other eleven hours a day. It's boring. Children's TV is boring, nursery rhymes are boring, messy play is boring and a ballache. So if bored? Get a Twitter account. Tweet "I'm bored" and watch the sympathy from other mothers pour in. Then start a conversation about how you fancy Mr Bloom.

So avoid these situations. Nip the 'Mummy Meltdown' in the bud! Stop looking crackers in public. Take control. Don't lower yourself to their (pesky toddlers) level. Rise above it! Or at least wait till you get home to have a full on one and then take it out on your unsuspecting partner (sorry Stephen). 

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