Word of the Week: Argh!

This week has provided a few 'argh' moments. We had HMI in so that was a manic flurry of marking and planning and planning and marking. All with two tiny people hanging off my legs or jumping on my head. 

The girl also had an 'accident' at preschool. It involved her little friend hitting her in the hand with a brick? Bizarre I know. I proper went into Mama Bear mode and was all ready to go and get her a tetanus and a hand transplant and all sorts. Next morning? Mmmmm. It was a scrape. I put a Hello Kitty plaster on it and off she went.

But the main 'argh' moment was the fact that the girl has been offered a preschool place in September in an outstanding preschool attached to a primary. Which would mean moving her from her nursery preschool, which she will be fine with. But also. It means. She will wear a uniform! Noooooooooooooo! Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh stop bloody growing so bloody fast! This thought alone meant I hugged my girl for about an hour. Rocking her like a baby. She loved it. Until she pushed me off to watch The Cat in the Hat. Again.

So argh all round. I hate change. I hate surprises. So this week hasn't been the best! But hey it's date night tomorrow so all is good with the world.
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