Friday, 28 March 2014

Word of the Week: Husband

I don't often talk about brummydaddyof2 but the word of my week this week is:


The past couple of weeks I have been a little stressed with various bits and bobs. Culminating with a full on breakdown weeping in a huge West Midlands shop. On the way home I called the hub. And demanded a day off. A rest. A break from it all. He kindly agreed and yesterday I had a bit of me time. I even managed a nap! The dream.

So today is a big thank you to brummydaddyof2. You do a great job with the children and they love and adore you (even when you pretend to be The Gruffollo and make the scream in terror and subsequently drive me mad). I'm not sure how I would cope working part time and with two kiddies without him. I can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes. And enjoy the odd shout but he's great. He's calm and will bail me out when I'm howling.

So the word of the week for me this week is husband. You're a good un and I love you lots xxx


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  1. Oh bless him! We like to have a moan but they do bail us out sometimes don't they? #WotW

  2. Aw what a lovely post! Just what you need after a meltdown moment...

  3. Aw,lovely pic and lovely husband! Teamwork all the way... :)

  4. Lovely. A husband should be a rock - sounds like you've got a good un!


  5. Yes sometimes we just need a day of and clear our head! Thanks for husbands who are there to help =)


  6. Lovely post, Sometimes we all need a day off! #WotW

  7. Aww! Sounds like you have a good one there!! Lovely post x

  8. Ah, so sweet! Love how honest you are about yourself, too! A lovely photo x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Ah ah thanks. A little bit cheesy mind! Bless the hub xxx


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