Beautiful, Beautful Bunting

I have a dirty secret. An obsession. Something I love so hard and waste so much cash on. No it's not posh handbags or designer shoes. It's...bunting. Yes bunting. There I said it. I bloody love bunting!

To show my love for it, below you will see the various types of bunting on offer in my house. We have boy bunting, girl bunting, wooden bunting, flowery bunting. Everywhere. I have no idea why I love it but I do. My husband? Not so much. 

Like an addict I also hide bunting. Under the sink. Somewhere I know the hub won't find it. I have Eurovision bunting. Royal Wedding bunting. Boy party bunting. Girl party bunting and general garden bunting. Bags and bags of the stuff. But I have stopped myself from learning how to properly make bunting. Or else? I would be in serious trouble. 

So that's my obsession. My little quirk. What I waste a bit of money on if I see it. Bunting. Enjoy the pictures. And imagine how happy each piece of bunting makes me feel! (PS this is just a selection from my house. There is more. Seriously). 

And finally? The 'bag o bunting' don't tell the hub. Jeez it had more in it than I thought!


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