Fat headed sad faced potato headed Mummy

Ok I can talk about this now. Without having a little weep. A small mummy meltdown or stomping off in a strop. I came home from work on Friday and received from the girls preschool this:

Ahhhh how sweet! There's a head and hair and all four limbs. Brilliant. Hang on. Haaaaang on. What the actual fuck is that??? There. That! A FROWN???????? Whaaaaat? My daughter who I carried for nine months and have spent the past three years and four months lovingly caring after. Believes me to be a fat headed sad faced potato Mummy? The git!

On a side note before I precede. What teacher in their right mind would let a child send that home for Mother's Day? Seriously. Unless there is some sort of underlying message that they are trying to tell me. That I'm the sad Mum they all tut at. Oh god must stop as I'm being all paranoid. 

Anyway. Back to the story. I wept. I proper wept. Sat on the loo whilst my hub was in the shower. And wept at him. Whilst he laughed and laughed. And said it was a joke. It was a mistake. It was a blip. She doesn't know what she's doing anyway. 

So we came downstairs. I made her draw three happy faces in a row and asked her what face she had drawn on Mummy's head. She said "sad". I glared at the hub and stormed off weeping, again. Quiet words were muttered. Felt pens could be heard scribbling and I was given a hastily made 'happy' (still potato headed mind) Mummy picture. 

Now with the benefit of hindsight (and the hub overcompensating by buying loads of marvellous Mother's Day gifts) I believe that yes the girl did draw a sad face. As sometimes I do have a little cry but generally I am a happy faced Mummy. But I tell you what. In the girls memory box. The card she drew for Mother's Day aged 3 years and 4 months accidentally may have been 'lost'. And cleverly been replaced with this giant badge. 


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