I hate change...

Today I awoke really early and thought oh I shall watch a bit of tele on the joy that is sky plus. So I sat down. Turned it on and hang on what the hell is going on this is not right this is confusing. Argh! It. Had. Changed. And you know what? I bloody hate change. Like so much.

I'm not sure why but in the past few years it has become apparent that change is not my friend. A change is not as good as a break. A change is more likely to actually break me. The poor Husband knows that when we go away I will always be a total mare for the first two days. Which sucks when I am only away for a long weekend (or in Peppa World where I have been known to flip queuing for rides). 

I work in a job where things are always changing. Pupils change, topics change and teenagers moods are always ever changing, yet if someone decided to call 'Fruit Pastilles' 'Fruit Lovelies' I would freak. I still call 'Starburst', 'Opal Fruits' (Starburst! What a god damn stupid name! They are Opal Fruits!). 

Stay like this forever thank you kindly 

As time is progressing with the children I celebrate their advances like walking and talking and jumping but part of me (don't tell them) HATES it. Make it stop. Stop changing. How can I love them as much as I do now when they are eggy (brummy term for grumpy), stinky, moody teens? It's not possible is it? 

So please lovely readers. Let me know. Is change good? Will them growing up make me love them any more? And isn't 'Starburst' a stupid bloody name! And don't get me started on the Marathon/Snickers debate. 

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