The Break

Look I knew this was coming all along. I'm sorry. But. We need to take a break. Yes that's right. A break. Come on, some time apart. You understand right? No we aren't splitting up! Think Ross and Rachel in Friends.

Basically when I started my little blog in late December I knew that mid April I would be having a little time out. I'm going away for the week to continue the never ending 60th celebrations for The Mother. I can't wait. So I'm having a total social media break (argh!) to focus on the fam. Best keep my eyes on the sproggers whilst I'm away, or they will be shoving fifteen free all inclusive ice creams down their gobs or will be seen floating away on a lilo. Their Dad will be too busy taking advantage of the all inclusive booze to be totes in charge. 

So I will be back the end of next week! And also I am still going to the Tots 100 Blog Camp on Saturday so I will see some of you there (eek am terrified!). In the meantime if you're new to the blog see the sidebar thingy for some of my most popular bits. And in the past week I've done some holiday blogs. Read, (hopefully) enjoy and comment.

So. See you on the other side! Have a wicked Easter. Enjoy the odd hot cross bun and a pint of gin. Try not to be too jel of me sipping non branded Malibu (prob called Nadibu) round the pool. 

Tara babs! xxx

PS if you're bored go find me on twitter: @brummymummyof2 Pinterest: brummymummyof2 or like my Facebook page: brummymummyof2. Right that's it now. I'm really going.

PPS argh! It's hard giving everything up for a bit. Ok. Bye. Sob. 

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