Dance Like You're 3 and Nobody's Watching

If you could wish for something what would it be? Pay all your bills off? New house? New car? More time with the family or good old fashioned world peace? When posed with this question yesterday my girl, wished for a "lollipop". That was it. Nothing more. Not even a box of Smarties. Just a good old little lollipop. This made me think once again that being three must be aces. Not only can you kick off and just be bat shit crazy mad whenever you want, and kinda get away with it, but your needs and wants are so very little. A lollipop would make you happy. That's it.

Last week me and the fam went to the annual local music festival at Lightwoods Park in Brum, celebrating May Day. During this day I took a few of my favourite ever pictures of the girl ever. She's not got the fanciest outfit on. She's not looking beautiful or pretty or cute, in fact she looks a bit funny looking in these pictures. But these shots show my crazy little girl in all her glory. Dancing like nobody is watching and really letting loose, not a care in the world. She is pulling moves that I would need at least seven gins to achieve. But she is so happy. Dancing alone in field with thousands of people around her. Probably wondering where her next lollipop is coming from.

The song she's dancing to is 'Valerie' (the Amy Winehouse version). Imagine that playing if you will as you peruse these glorious happy images. My favourite picture is number two. She's really giving it some welly there. What's yours?


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