My Bargain Buster Tips

You know those bonkers women on 'Extreme Couponing' who buy 78 packs of fruit tic tacs for $1? That's my dream that is. OK let's take a step back. For those of you who do not know the joy that is 'Extreme Couponing' it is an amazing programme based in the USA where people use coupons to get free shit. That's it. They spend something like 60 hours a week cutting said coupons and then come home with such bargains as 364 sports drinks or maybe 98 razors for like $3. I love this programme because at my very, very core. I am tight.

Yes. I am tight. You know when you drive past Next dead early and you see people queueing up outside at 6am? That's me that is. I get up. Jump in the car and am back home in time for breakfast with a vast amount of half price clothes. OK some might say my children do not really need 12 similar style tops but for gods sake. THEY WERE HALF PRICE!

I relish getting something cheap, something on offer or the dream of; cheap, on offer, 3 for 2, I can get some sort of points on my loyalty card AND I can use a £5 voucher. Ohhhh I'm excited just thinking about it! I get vouchers sent to my phone, in the post and I often have a sneaky look on-line for offers when I am (meant) to be watching the kids at soft play. You may think I am alone in such a venture. But no. Mother is the same. Together at Christmas and birthday times it almost becomes a 'special offer off'. "You see that, that cost £3 and should have been £29.99" we shout as people open their gifts. I believe it is highly irritating.

Mummy paid 2p for all of these (probably)

So here are my top ten bargain buster tips. And rules I live by in order to save money. Well in order to save money, to spend on other cheap crap.
  1. Join any kind of loyalty scheme going. Seriously any. They often send you fab vouchers and let you know about sales in advance.
  2. Some say it mad? I say it's genius. Queue up outside for the Next sale. Seriously. There are much better things on offer in store than on line. Do it once. It's liberating and weirdly a bit exciting.
  3. If you get coupons sent through. Always pop them in your purse. You never know when you might need them
  4. Annoying little leaflets that come through for supermarkets often have vouchers on the back. 
  5. With said vouchers you can split your shopping up into different transactions and use a few for on the same shopping trip.
  6. Get birthday and Christmas presents when you see them throughout the year. Yes this is a ball ache. But see if nice in laws or rents will hide them for you.
  7. NEVER buy clothes full price in supermarket. Literally every three months? They do a 20% off sale. Seriously. They do!
  8. Don't be ashamed with using numerous vouchers as one time. I care not if there is a queue ten deep. Wait my friends whilst I try and save £6 on my shampoos.
  9. Think seasonal. I have clothes for my kids stored away I have got in sales pretty much till next summer.
  10. And finally. Ever so often buy something full price. And get a bit cross with yourself to help you remember buying stuff cheap is ace!
Go forth and save my children!
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