Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Persil Cleans Up Messy Play

I HATE MESSY PLAY! There I said it. I hate it! Call me a bad Mum. Say I am cruel and not creative. So be it. Therefore imagine my horror when I got a whole host of little teeny tiny pots of different bits and bobs to help me trial Peril's new 'small and mighty' washing liquid.  The girl however? Was rabid as she knew that this was her chance to make a huge mess and she was meant to do it.

We chose one of her little jama tops to try out ink, juice, paint and chocolate on. I could lie, I won't as I like my reviews to be honest. We kinda ate the chocolate. Yep we did. We chomped it all down. There was no chance to carefully melt it and smear it over the top. We just troffed it down. However the other three stain making substances were used in abundance. Even I enjoyed getting some of the ink put on.

We left to dry and whilst I shoved the girl outside to do messy play with sand (the garden is fine for such things) I popped out the special ball thingy me bob (technical term) (*reads press release* actually it is called a 'Stain Eraser Ball') and rubbed it on the stains. This is a fab idea. Thank the lord the days of new born nappies with that vile curry paste poos that get all up their back have long gone. But this would have been great to use on the various baby grows and vests that got smeared in it. I then shoved the vest in the washing machine along with a small load. And I waited. I must admit I was a bit excited as it felt like I was in my very own Persil ad! (geek).

Excited for the messy play (I was weeping)

Going for it!

The final stains

The ball thingy me bob
And here is the final result! Ta daaaaaa!

OK so it is clear that there are some stains left on it but these are just the ink ones. The rest? Can't see them at all. I reckon if you had a tiny bit of biro it would get out no problems but if you are a teacher from the olden days and a pupil spilt an ink pot over you you would be screwed! The paint went, the juice went, the ink nearly went. And the chocolate went in our tums. One thing I will say though is the smell is beaut. Really nice and fresh. I forgot to put fabric conditioner in and it still smelt lovely drying.

Overall a great product in nice compact packaging with a really easy to pour flip top lid and spout, the little ball, sorry I mean the 'Stain Eraser Ball' did work well on the whole with the tough stains and the smell was gorgeous. I would be using it again for sure. Just not if my toddler managed to get her hands on a huge ink well!

We were sent this Persil free of charge to review. We tested it on clothes and I have written an honest review of this product.

                                       We're going on an adventure



  1. I keep looking at these in the supermarket and wondering if they actually work - so thanks for letting me know they do, shall pick some up next time! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. They defo do! Just watch out for the old ink. He he. Thanks for a great linky with lots of nice products to look at xxx


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