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Since starting work part time I'll be honest. I am totally and utterly skint. Skint I tell thee! I love being with my kids, but sometimes I long for the day where I could pop into a toy shop and buy the kiddies some toys at full price. Sigh. Full price! Those words have not crossed my lips for a long while. So my task over the weekend was to get my beautiful girl her very own playhouse for the garden. All girls love and dream of such a thing and as the weather was on the turn for the better (praise the Lord! read the reasons why I love the sun here) I decided the time was right.

I searched high and low and found this little beauty for half price (£49.99) in Toys R Us. We were going to get the more unisex version but with one small little dropped lip. The pink one was transferred to our house (please note that we had to return to get it minus the children as it is huge! And even then The Hub struggled getting it in the car!). Whilst our little munches were sleeping soundly we constructed the house (by we I stood there and had a G&T whilst the other half struggled).

To make it a little bit more special I added some little flowers from Poundland and spotty windmills from Asda. I also obviously put bunting all around it. Opting for waterproof ones from Amazon this time as clearly it will rain again. Very soon. As this is the UK. And the final touch, to make it even more girly than it already was I superglued a flower wooden 'E' to the top. The initial of myself, my girl and my boys first name.

So below are the pictures of my beaut girl enjoying her bargain of a pink house in the garden in the sun. She's eaten in there, took the potty in there, played babies in there and, gasp, actually let her little brother in there! She loves it. And so do I (mainly as it keeps her quiet).


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