Young, Rich and Tipsy

Right that's it. I need to get my shit together. I need to become a 'role model' for my children. I need I nurture them and encourage them to become well rounded educated people who become like doctors or mmmm lawyers or maybe an architect. Those are like the dead posh, dead good jobs. But you know what? Secretly at the very core of my soul. I wish I was Lucy from Made in Chelsea. Or Sam from The Only Way is Essex. Or maybe one of the really aggressive Italians in The Real Housewives of New Jersey? And secretly. I kinda wish the same for my children.

Imagine a life of tarting around Chelsea/Essex/NYC, snogging the odd inappropriate boy, spending masses on ugly handbags and having huge hair extensions. It sounds amazing! And I know it's wrong and I know that it has a career shelf life of like 7 years max (I believe that 27 in TV land is close to 30, and that is when shit gets real and no one wants to see people moaning about their biological clock or discussing trial separations). But I would be happy if my girl was daft as a brush like Binky and my boy was super slimy like Spencer (not Joey Essex, I draw the line at that one). 

I want my kids to enjoy their life, have their hearts broken by silly boys and girls, splash their cash on daft expensive clothes, get tipsy and I would be one of those Mums who is there watching on the sidelines, living vicariously through them. Popping up in an episode ever so often with a bit too much make up on, dishing out advice like the wise old owl in a too tight dress. 

But no. I shall resist the urge to to encourage the girl to don false eyelashes and the boy super skinny, cropped chinos. I will ensure that I say "put your education first". As I'm not stupid (I have a Masters in Education can you believe it? I know) and understand that qualifications and apprenticeships lead to good jobs. And that's ultimately what we want for our children, good jobs, nice houses and respectable partners. 

But secretly? I totes wish they would be young, free, tipsy and a bit rich. That would be 'reem'. Ahem.

PS next week I am guest hosting this little beauty of a link up. I am excited! I am a linky virgin!
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