brummydaddyof2 reviews the Hozelock Wonderweeder

So behind every great woman, is a great man! Me, brummydaddyof2! Whilst brummymummyof2 is writing her blogs, you'll find me in the garden when the weather is scorching (that's 19 degrees and cloudy for the British). My garden duties today included cleaning the patio and playing games with the kids. Job 1: de-weed the patio and paths and for this I got the chance to use my new Hozelock Wonderweeder.

I know what you're thinking, why do you need a great long extension tube for de-weeding (I was too)? However as I began to the Hozelock Wonderweeder, I soon started to see the advantages:

  1. It was easy to fill up the Wonderweeder with weed killer (which we brought from Poundland. You can add what you want!), and I could measure exactly how much was needed.
  2. The weed killer was applied directly to the weed (not blowing into the dogs eyes or up the kids noses).
  3. The weed killer was confined to any weeds in amongst actual plants and made sure any grass you wanted to keep, did not get killed.
  4. Most importantly, I didn't have to strain my back bending over like with the conventional spray (I think I could have even managed a beer in tandem!).  

With the easy (I mean) hard job done, it led me to Job 2: playing games with the kids. Overall the Hozelock Wonderweeder is a great idea and would be good for people with big gardens, or those with back problems to target weeds without bending over all the time. You push the button once and the weed gets the killer it needs straight away. It was really lightweight and easy to store away in the shed, from prying kids hands. It's reasonably priced and would also make a great Fathers Day present as that's just around the corner.

For more information on the Hozelock Wonderweeder or any of the other Hozelock garden products available visit their website here.

We were sent this product to review but as per usual we give our honest opinion. 
If it was rubbish? We would say it!
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