Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Just smile for the photo...

Just smile for the photo, come on, look at me!
Listen, I understand that you're getting irritable and you really need a wee

Just smile for the photo, you look pretty in that dress
Don't you dare wipe that bogey up there, your hair will look a mess

Just smile for the photo, come it's not that bad
Oh for fucks sake I said just "smile", why you looking so sad?

Just smile for the photo, it's lovely to be in the sun
We're out at the beach, its warm and nice, pretend you're having fun!

Just smile for the photo, we never get a family shot
It's OK I think I got the pic! (I'll air brush out the snot)

Just smile for the photo, THE CAMERA'S OVER HERE!!!
I know I'm bloody shouting, but just look happy and wipe away that tear

Just smile for the photo, put away that tongue
You don't understand the concept of Instagram yet because you're very young

Just smile for the photo, you'll get chocolate if you do
All I want is to have is one 'normal' photo of you

Oh sod you don't bother smiling, forget about the 'perfect' shot
You Dad is getting ever so red and cross, and looking very hot

I'm not arsed about the photo, it doesn't matter to me
Anyway I'll get more likes on Facebook if I take one of my tea.
Prose for Thought



  1. Such a poet in our midst! Another fab one Ems! :) xx

  2. And there my dear you have vocalised the battle I go through every time with my girls! Fab poem #prose4t

  3. Love it so true! I have the opposite problem with my daughter though! #prose4t

    1. Oh is she a little poser? You are lucky! xxx

  4. But she looks proper proper cute with that scowl :))

  5. Brilliant! So very true :) #Prose4T

  6. Awesome. Loved this and totally relate to this!!! I have so many photos of tongues sticking out it's shocking!! #prose4t

  7. Haha, I just get the back of my sons head now if he sees me raise the camera, #teens
    That's a lovely photo btw.

    1. Oh gosh I can imagine teens to be worst! xxx

  8. I have so many photos like that of the boys - great poem!

  9. It's even worse when you have to try and get three kids (and a grumpy mummy) to smile! Well written poem x

    1. Thanks! Trying to get two kids and a Dad to all look in the right direction? Is impossible! xxx

  10. Haha! I love the photo just the way it is! And you're right, you get more likes on Facebook for crazy photos than the picture perfect ones. :)

  11. We've all been there! I get that problem with the other half too.

  12. Totally brilliant and oh, so very true!! Well written lovely lady - loving your poetry style. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x


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