Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Oh la laaa! I'm off to BritMums Live!

So I have caved in and done one of these 'I am going to BritMums Live' blog posts I swore I wouldn't do. Then I got scared and saw everyone had done one and thought oh sh*t what if no-one knows who I am! So this is it. I shall tell you one thing for certain. I still do not know what I am wearing (but I bet there is a flowery dress in there somewhere) and as for packing a bag? In mine so far is my purse and house keys and some really grubby tissues. 

I wasn't actually going to BritMums Live originally as the thought just didn't ever cross my mind but after the Tots100 one, where I learnt some dead interesting stuff and met some very lovely ladies, I thought I would invest the cash and pop along.

I am going to pretend I am being interviewed for Smash Hits now and give you a little fact file about me so you know who I am and recognise me. Oh and my real life name is Emma. I prefer Em. Or Bab. Not ho.

Blog: brummymummyof2
Twitter ID: @brummymummyof2
Height: 5ft 6
Hair: Blonde and probably too long for my age of 21 (cough 36)
Eyes: Blue
This is my face. I'm not the one eating a cornetto naked.
Is this your first blogging conference? Nope - did the Tots100 one earlier in the year. Loved it.
Are you attending both days? Yep! 
What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2014? Meeting my 'friends' and hopefully they won't turn out to be murderous loons. But also learning lots of new things to make my blog better, mainly vlogging type things.
What are you wearing? Twill be flowery. There will be leggings involved. Obv. And of course a statement necklace or two.
What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014? To learn lots of interesting things, meet some fun brands to work with and get tipsy with my mates.
Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before? No tips but what I learnt from the Tots 100 one is just go and chat with people. And also go to the talks you want to go to. At the end of the day the whole experience is for you and your blog.
If you got stranded on a love island and had to choose five men you fancy to live with (bar your husband) who would they be?: Paul Rudd, Gary Barlow, Ryan Reynolds, John Mayer and Ewan McGregor (PS am lucky to have met and kissed, in a non sexual way, well for them, three of them! ask when you see me).
Favourite crisps: Snack a Jacks, any bar those weird sweet ones.
Favourite karaoke song: Total Eclipse of the Heart or Ice Ice Baby.
Anyway. That's me. Come and say hello. Please don't transpire to all be crazy Internet trolling loons like my Year 10 GCSE General Studies group say you will be. I say Bab a lot, I swear quite a bit and also I am ever so sarcastic which is not big or clever. But makes me laugh. Can't wait to meet you...babs! x


  1. So glad you did one of these made me giggle! Looking forward to meeting you at Britmums x

    1. We never met. Sob Sob Sob. Brummy Bloggy Booze soon! xxx

  2. Ooh I know you said 'stranded' but do you think there's room for one more on that desert island? You've picked some of my all-time faves there! Really looking forward to meeting you bans....Em....ho ;) x x

    1. We met all be it very briefly sob. What a fab weekend. Are you still exhausted??? xxx

  3. I'm 5'6 too so i will try and look out for the one taht is excatly the same height as me :) Super excited now x

  4. You're sarcastic and you swear? Awesome, you are exactly my type of person (and I'm not a trolling loon!). See you there! X

    1. Only saw you very briefly :( hope you had loads and loads of fun xxx

  5. In only there on Saturday. Can't wait to meet you! :)

  6. Looking forward to hopefully meet you there! Was Ewan McGregor one of your snogs? (if so I'm super jealous!) xx


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