Reasons why Grandad's Rock!

Today, as it's Father's Day, I thought I would talk about the original and first brummydaddyof2. My Dad. Or Papa W as he is known to my friends. Obvs I think he is the best Dad in the world and I am not biased. I am right! (OK, so I am a bit biased).

The brilliant things about my Dad amongst many are 1) he is really funny 2) he is totes emosh and 3) he LOVES reality TV. Bet most of you can't say that can you? See told you he was the best. Hell yeah, you can talk to my Dad about Big Brother, or Real Housewives of New Jersey. And he has been known to watch Eurovision (as in he says he won't watch it but then does every single year).

But he also is the world's best Grandad. Fact. He retired around the same time I had my girl and for the past three years has be invaluable in helping raise my children (along with the Mother too). My children adore him. So much so that yesterday? My girl wept and repeated "Grandad, Granddddaaaaad, GRANNNDDDAAADD" after he left. So today I asked my girl her favourite things about the main man. Below is the definitive list. She is 3. So apologies, it's not too in-depth.
  • Grandad likes being silly - he squirts water pistols at me
  • He likes to play with me -  he plays hide and seek in my bedroom
  • A long time ago he had pasta for tea (Toddlers don't half talk rubbish)
  • He plays in the playroom with me
  • He picks me up from preschool and finally and I think she felt the best bit was...
  • He buys me annnnnnnnything I like (said with a large, devious smile).
It appears the best qualities to have when being a Grandad is a love of play, pasta, being silly and buying a ridiculous amount of Disney crap. So hats off to the original brummydaddyof2. Not only do you do an amazing job of looking after my treasures but you also keep me updated of when the new series of Dance Moms is on.

We love you lots xxx

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