Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Weekend Review: Bliss+ Aqueous Calamine Lotion

When you think of chicken pox what do you think of? Scratching? Scabs? And those pink patches of Calamine Lotion everywhere. You know, where your Mum had got a bit of cotton wool and covered you in the stuff? Well Bliss+ have developed a new product, due out soon, which is an Aqueous Calamine Lotion and it hopes to help you avoid the 'pink patch syndrome'. 

Now as much as love a good review and aim to give an honest opinion I wasn't quite up to the task of actually making my child catch chicken pox! So just imagine she's got the dreaded illness in the piccys. The Bliss+ packaging is small and handy (we had a 100ml version). It is quite similar to sun tan lotion. It is great for keeping in your changing bag if you need to go out and about with your poorly child. 

The consistency of the Bliss+ lotion is very similar to a light moisturiser, and it doesn't really have that strong calamine smell about it. Rather than leaving big pink embarrassing patches on your body the aqueous lotion is designed to absorb into the skin like a moisturiser, leaving a protective - but invisible - barrier on the skin over the irritation. It's also handy to keep in the medicine cabinet for minor sunburn.

Overall? This is Bliss+ product is definitely a more modern and handy way to help ease the utter doom of chicken pox. You can pop it in your bag, it's light and a good hand held size. Also I like the way it easily rubs in and doesn't leave those pink patches everywhere (see below). It's also reasonably priced at £2.99. It shall be stored in our cupboard until that dreaded day my children catch the pox. Which must be just around the corner...sob...

If you want to find out any further information please visit the Bliss+ website here.

Similar to moisturiser in consistency. And doesn't leave any pink patches
We did receive this product to review but as per usual we gave our honest opinion!

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  1. Great idea for those itchy spots, and much less messy than calamine! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. This looks loads better than normal calamine lotion- Boo wouldn't let me near her with that! Both of mine have had it, fortunately. At least you're now armed and ready!


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