Two Toddlers at a Time. Gulp.

So I have got to that short amount of space in my life where I am in charge of two toddlers. The boy is turning 18 months and the girl has turned three and a half. So I am in those few short months before my boy transforms into a tantrum throwing loon and the girl morphs into a four year old nearly (gulp) school going child. I thought I would share a couple of photos of them and say what they are like at this present time. Mainly something for me to refer back to when the boy is screaming and the girl is putting her big girls school uniform on (sob sob sob!).

The girl at present is what can only be described as really good company. She is finally leaving the phase where she throws a strop at any given moment. I am encouraging her to play alone a bit more (reasons why here). I recently taught her how to write her name. Which was pretty amazing. She now writes it anywhere she can. She loves drawing and play doh (grrrr messy horrible stuff).

She has started to get a bit scared of things, like baddies in films. And her ideal of a dream day out is a bit of shopping, followed by dinner in Nandos, then the cinema. Pretty much just like mine (without the booze)! Sometimes she comes out with words that blow my mind. All in all? She's ace (biased but don't care).

The boy at present is cute. Like proper, proper cute. He is super affectionate. Far more than the girl ever was. He gives the worlds best cuddles. Clings tight. He's not like his sister. He is quite shy in crowds but blossoms when you are with him one on one. Or with a few little play mates.

His favourite things to do are dancing to literally any music that comes on. He also loves putting on fairy dresses and running around chasing his sister. He is starting to talk - bot bot, stickers, cheers, hello, bye, nana, dog, ball. But mainly all I hear all day is "MINE" shouted at his sister. A sniff of future tantrums to come.

Time is going fast. My babies are growing up and as my girl says "Mummy you don't have babies any more. You have another toddler". God help us all.


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