A day out at Thinktank

This week the weather was a bit dull so we decided to use out Tesco clubcard vouchers and exchange them for three tickets to get into Thinktank, which is at the Millennium Point in Birmingham. It's a super snazzy science museum and we have visited it before but not since my girl was very little. Cost to get into the Thinktank is a little steep, but there are generally offers online or you can exchange your club card points to get some money off. Below is a little vlog of our day out if you want to watch rather than read!

Parking is good and right close by to the Millennium Point, there is also a ginormous cinema there but not really very much else. So if you are intending to visit I would recommend you take a picnic or anticipate splashing out at the cafe there that does both hot and cold food. You do get a wristband so if you did want to pop into the centre and come back? That's not a prob. But it is a bit of a trek.

This was the first time I had took the boy since her learnt to walk and blimey, it made for a whole different experience! There is so much to see and learn and touch and play with I thought his actual head was going to implode! A lot of what's there is aimed for older kiddies, I'm thinking kinda 7 plus right up to teenagers but there is a fantastic little town where my children loved playing. It has water play (take a change of clothes! There are waterproof aprons but mine both got soaking!) and also it has pretend doctors and dress up. Was brill. Also on this floor are lots of real life stuffed animals and skulls, as well as some interactive areas to learn about how the body works. Mine didn't really know what to do but still enjoyed pressing all the buttons! 

We then decided to have a go outside the Thinktank into their science garden which IS THE BEST PLACE EVER!!! Again more wet play and things to push and pull and make noises and generally have a great old laugh. There is a little cafe and loads of nice benches to sit on. Warning though there is bizarrely loads and loads of little pools so you have to keep your eye on run away toddlers! There is also a little interactive park area and lots of really nice, clean grass to have a run around on.

Overall? The Thinktank is a really good place to visit with two tiny tots. Don't expect them to know what's going on all the time but with a bit of interaction from yourself you can have a great day out. You do have to pay for kids from the age of 3 so it may be worthwhile to look out for vouchers if you are a bit skint. Next time I would defo take a picnic...and a change of clothes for my maniac boy! Everyone had a great day out and the thought did cross my mind to invest in a yearly pass whilst the boy is free so he could come and have a run around whilst my girl is in preschool (sob) next year.

If you want to go and visit the Thinktank take a look at their website here!

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