A Day Out in London

This weekend we were luckily enough to be invited by Voucher Codes to an event in London. I thought this would be the perfect time to go and visit my sister and have a fab day in the big smoke with my girl. I also invited The Mother along as I knew she wouldn't want to miss out!

We pre-booked Virgin Train tickets so they were quite cheap and meant that we had guaranteed seats which was brill as the train was bloody rammed both ways! Alas under 5's don't get a seat as you don't pay but we managed quite easily to get my girl a chair. Mother was a genius and suggested using Oyster cards so we didn't have to queue in that MASSIVE tube ticket line at Euston which I always feel stressful about as I always do it wrong and people tut and then I scowl.

We only had a few hours to kill before the event so we headed to Leicester Square where we went to the m&m shop which is such an odd place. I've been to the one in Vegas as well. It's like weird. It's like having a whole shop devoted to, I dunno, wotsits? Odd. And this is where I got fleeced for gulp, gasp, vom £17.99 FOR A BAG OF SWEETS!!! (see below bottom right hand picture). I am a fool.

Next we had lunch in Muriel's Kitchen, which I thought was just lovely! It was like my dream shabby chic home but in a restaurant, in the middle of London! It was quaint, and cute and sold really nice food. Also kids eat for free so obvs that made me, the tightest lady in the world (don't mention the £17.99 bag of sweets please sob), really happy. I would recommend to go and eat there, it wasn't really busy and the staff were lovely to my girl. It was aces. Food was great and so was my yummy juice.

Next we popped back on the tube and went to Maggie and Rose, which is where the Voucher Code event was being held. After a small confusion at the station, then a bit of a gossip incident where we got lost whilst talking, my lovely bloggy chum Potty Mouthed Mummy, we managed to get to where we were meant to be. My girl then had the most joyous few hours making biscuits, painting, eating, having balloons made and generally having her dream afternoon out!

Whilst our little ones were doing this, the parents got together and talked about how we plan to make our finances stretch over the summer. Our worries about them and if we were going to struggle trying to keep out little families entertained (my answer is hell to the yes!). They then came up with some good ways to keep the kiddies occupied for under £20. Go and check out the Voucher Codes site for ways to get some nice discounts. 

Overall I really enjoyed taking my toddler to London. It was fun and not to stressful. She was beautifully behaved and the only mildly scary bit was trying to get her on those bloody tube escalators! They were a proper nightmare. But all in all a great day, spent with some great family and friends. Let's just not mention the over priced sweets.

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