Surviving the Summer Holidays - Week 1

Well I managed to get through the first week of the summer holidays relatively unscathed! In fact - don't tell anyone but I have really enjoyed myself. Before the six weeks started I was terrified (read why here) but I am really getting in the swing of things so I thought that I would share some of my favourite photos from the past week.

On Monday I used my toddler pass for the last time (sob sob sob) and we hit Thomas Land with my parents and we also met up with my lovely friend Melissa and her beaut daughter Reenie who tells the most HILARIOUS jokes ever. Here's us with Sir Topham Hatt (he will always will be the Fat Controller to me!).

As it has been the worlds hottest weather ever times ten, we have spent quite a bit of time in the garden doing (urgh) messy play. Before I could work out how to put the bloody paddling pool up here are my little beauties looking like utter urchins 'swimming' in a washing up bowl #classy.

On Friday I went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with the lovely Hayley from the fantastic and beautiful Shutterflies, who was going to take some photos of us for a new feature over on her blog. Our kids got on so well and we gossipped so much I'm not sure if she managed to take any good ones at all! We had lots of fun though even though we sweated like pigs the whole day. And weirdly ran out of baby wipes like total rookie Mums.

And this weekend the hub drove us all up to Chesterfield where we attending a blog event hosted by Frank PR at Dobbies Garden Centre to talk about about the Growing Up Milk Campaign. I met some fantastic bloggers there and the girl loved looking around the sensory garden. She was mainly excited by a courgette? I know what to get her for Christmas now!

Yay! So I survived week one and I have lots planned for the upcoming week. I will however show you what I have to put up with when driving (although the hub was driving when I filmed this, I'm not like a stunt woman). Enjoy!

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