The Good Girl Book

As we are all fully aware. Sometimes? Toddlers be cray cray. Yep. They push our buttons. They scream. They shout and generally? Are lunatics. And in the hot weather? Jeez this is magnified ten fold. By day one, 7am, of the summer holiday we already had had a full on breakdown and low and behold so the 'Good Girl Book' was created.

Previously I've talked about some of the tricks I use to tame the teenagers I teach and this really is just another one of those strategies I use in the classroom to make sure tables aren't thrown and teens don't have their equivalent of a tantrum = 'The Strop' (shudder). When I posted the pic of 'The Good Girl' book on Instagram and Facebook I had quite a few comments on how the book worked, so thought I would impart the little tiny bit of wisdom I do possess (I can do teaching and know loads about Take That, that's it!). 

My book was hastily made in a fit of fear of another tantrum. I chose a pink book as it's my girls favourite colour. I also gave her a few photos to choose from for the front. She chose this weird bunny one. I also wrote her name on it (hasty writing such was my anger). One of the issues is she's a bit jel of her bro. So giving her a book that was just hers made her feel special. I gave three targets to aim for: being happy when Daddy goes to work, being nice to her brother, going to bed like a good girl. 

These are all positive targets. So it's not 'stop being naughty'. It's using words like 'nice' and 'good'. They are also really specific to the main crazy points relating to her tantrums. 'Stop being naughty' is just too broad and really? Impossible.  She's still going to has the odd moment but as long as and hits these targets? She will feel she has succeeded. It's about being positive and celebrating those moments, not raking up the moments where she has been insane.

Hear with your ears what my brummy beaut thought of the book - video bombed by the boy!

Obviously there is a prize at the end of this. She's not going to start being super lovely for nothing. She's not daft! So she had to get all 15 ticks (I did this on week days as when Daddy is here she is much kinder) and if she does that's £2 to her holiday pocket money. You might want to let them off a few ticks the first week. Give them a few chances. But I was being hardcore! However chances are good. Kids like things being 'fair'. Also, and this is the bloody hard thing, you can't take ticks away. I know! If my girl sees her Dad off happily then punches the dog in the face. I can't take the 'Dad' tick off her. Bah I hear you say! But it undermines the little good thing they have done. You're trying to catch them being good. 

The little book is working well so far. She's got her first £2 and this week she has been kind, happy and gone to bed well. Which is good as its been frickin muggy. As an added bonus Daddy does the ticks. Daddy is her idol (not that I am jel - I AM SO JEL) so this little bit of time with him makes her really happy. That's not to say she hasn't had meltdowns over various other things, but we can tackle them another time. I am celebrating these tiny triumphs this week.*

*Disclaimer: before you get jel of my well behaved girl to make you feel better? My boy? Has gone bat sh*t crazy this week. Ho hum! Roll on next summer when he's 2 and the blue 'Good Boy Book' shall be created! 

Leave any of your fab behaviour suggestions below. 
Or maybe you are far more crafty than me and can create an amazing shabby chic book? 
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