A Day Out at V Festival

This isn't a review, we never got free tickets to V, we just decided about six months ago that at some point in the summer we wanted to go somewhere and have fun sans children. They went away and happily spent some time with the rents whilst we enjoyed over 24hrs child free. It was glorious. At the time I was a bit sad we couldn't take our tiny tots but after seeing random men's privates, women wee just anywhere and the odd person, how do I say it nicely? Off their tits on drugs (drugs are BAD). It's for the best they went to the Nature Centre instead!

I had a little debate on twitter if I should wear a floral headband and I am bloody glad I did. They were rife! But there were lots of shops around to go and get some if you dared forget this festival must have. We wore wellies and of this I am forever grateful as it was filthy there. They defo need some more bins, but I am a Mum and I feel this is just me being a bit mumsy about the whole thing. I am pleased to say the loos were clean and even better with my washlettes and my hand gel (I AM SUCH A MUM).

We saw all the modern stars like the All Saints, oh hang on it's not 1998, oh and The Human League, oh hang on it's not 1983. Ha! Sod being up to date with the kids there is nowt finer than dancing to Electric Dreams whilst it's raining outside and you have a cherry cider in your hand. Brilliant. We also caught Alan Carr (hilarious), Kaiser Chiefs (mmm how fit is Ricky?), Example (husband had no idea who this man was) and Ed Sheeran (lovely).

It rained, it was windy, it was sunny, my husband drank a bit too much, he ate a dirt burger, I brought a T-shirt I will never wear outside my bed, I called told to "F-off" by an older, worse for wear gentleman whilst dancing to No Diggity, and a scouse man told us he had shoved drugs up his bum (we laughed very politely and ran away as fast as we could). I feel we had the full festival experience and we were back in bed watching a film by 10pm. A perfect and happy day. Cue smug photos...

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