A Day Out at Wonderful Warwick Castle

A few years ago me and the hub visited Warwick Castle pre-children. All I can remember is that we saw a few big birds and I moaned quite a bit, we didn't stay long and hit a local pub. Then? Children came along and we decided to exchange one of our Tesco clubcard vouchers and have another crack at it and you know what? IT WAS AMAZING! Seriously. Best day out for yonks and you know we go out lots and lots.

My girl took it upon herself to dress as Sophia the First hybrid Princess Minnie Bride (much to the anger of my other half) and when we arrived a member of staff suggested that we went and booked in for the Princess Story Time, which we did. We only had a short wait before the magic began. Each child was handed a little princess shrug to wear and went and listened to a lovely magical story - I won't spoil it but it was the highlight of my day. Maybe not one for teeny tiny babies though.

We did just opt for the basic of all the Warwick Castle tickets as we (well I  - I am an utter wuss) didn't fancy the attractions like the dungeons (did you know I have a fear of wax models? True story) so we just stuck to all the other things we could do. The big attraction was the fantastic 'Horrible Histories' activities on offer. My girl was given a little book to stamp as we went round and she loved it. I did think it may well be a bit too old for her? But she really enjoyed herself. I think bigger kids would LOVE this even more. I can imagine if they watched the programme it would make them very happy indeed. My girl rode in a viking ship, met a school mam and through balls at soldiers. My husband may (totes did as he is a 10 year old boy at heart) have played with the shields.

It was also just nice mooching around the beautiful estate. It was glorious weather and it really is gorgeous. We saw dragonflies on the water, stunning interiors and oh a lovely bit of bunting and you know how I feel about bunting. It was the perfect place to have a nice romantic picnic or in the case of us try and control two little ones running away at all times!

There are various shows on offer for you to watch including birds of prey shows, jousting, we ate our picnic watching the giant catapult being set off and flames went through the air. We also stayed to watch the fighting action show but it was very busy so we left. The day we went was really busy and I think it is good to maybe focus on not seeing all of the shows. They are quite packed and this is an ideal time to have a pootle around other parts of the castle. Bigger children probably can cope with the crowds better but tiny tots aren't so bothered by big shows, they just like hanging out with their parents.

Just as we were leaving we noticed a really great adventure playground which we missed before so the kiddies had a go on that for a while and I am sad we never saw it earlier. My top tips for tots are:
  • If you have a buggy take it as it is a huge walk from the car park to the castle, maybe ease on the buggy board. 
  • I would also make sure you take a picnic blanket and a picnic. There are lots of benches but we quite liked just sitting where we wanted - generally where the best views were! 
  • If you have small tots I would avoid some of the larger shows and just focus on some nice family time making the most of the beautiful surroundings and lovely hidden nooks and cranny's - whilst having a go on some of the fun Horrible Histories games!

For further information about Warwick Castle visit the site here!

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