A Day Out to Find the Gruffalo!

We recently spent a few rainy days in our beautiful family cottage (it's my in-laws but that means it virtually mine yes???). We always take the dog and as a special treat we always take her to the Wyre Forest on the way back. It is BEAUTIFUL! I have been there when preggers, with tiny babies and now with our toddlers. When we arrived we were overjoyed (OK the kids were overjoyed, we were quite pleased) to see that there was a Gruffalo trail there. So after an hour of the hardest, solid rain known to man, off we went, raincoats and all.

Along the way you see all the characters from the story - the mouse, the fox and...well there's no need to tell you as you know the story already. It is ingrained on our brains. We paid £2 for a little kit to help us with the trail that came with a poster, two little worksheets and some stickers. But you know what? I would just take the book with you and look at the animals in that, unless you fancy treating your little ones.

My little girl was so excited to not only be in charge of the dog but also was running along the path to find the animals. It was the first time that she really understood what was happening and really took part. She bloody loved it. I love the forest anyway so we all had lots of fun. My boy hadn't a clue what was going on but found the worlds biggest stick so was happy shouting "STICK" the whole time!

This is a really cheap and fun day out. There are lots of amazing places to discover and see there and loads of benches to eat your picnics. All you need to fork out for is £3 for parking for the whole day. You don't have to buy the book to do the trail. It was a fantastic way to end our very rainy holiday! For more about our holiday and places we visited (including a look at the Gruffalo Trail which is on till 30th Sept) take a look at our vlog which has all the lovely links underneath it:

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