Saturday, 30 August 2014

Okido Not Just Your Average Mag

As I discussed at the start of the summer. My girl? LOVES MAGAZINES! I can't seem to walk past a shop without walking away £4 poorer and then in the possession of a tatty bit of paper that will be ripped up by the boy and in the bin by bed time. I saw Okido crop up on my instagram feed and I thought oh la laaa! That looks a bit snazzy. So I got myself, I mean my girl, a copy.

Created by two South London Mums, the magazine is aimed at 3-8 year olds and is for at both boys and girls. Based on the premise that boys and girls are stimulated by the world around them in the same way, so there should be no need in communicating to them in different ways.

What I really liked about the Okido magazine is that it has an educational edge, and as a teacher I am always really interested in helping my little ones to learn under the guise of 'fun'. It has a science and arts focus and contained a range of little topics like from wildlife to putting up a tent to the adventures you have on holiday. The pictures inside were beautiful and I do think a really good idea would be to get a Smash Hits centre fold poster which could be framed. The little wildlife page seemed to be too good to draw on!

Okido is a gorgeous publication and I my girl really enjoyed reading through it with me and it had a good range of little stories and activities. I do think that it would be hard for me not to buy the girl the Princess tat she so desires but as this is out bi monthly I will also try and incorporate this little beauty too.

We were sent this magazine to review but I really think it is a great idea and will definitely be buying it again. For further information please look at the Okido website.


  1. I'll check this out. I do find the CBeebies mags to be pretty good and not - in most cases - too stereotyped in their approach to the genders. But it's good to have an alternative. Love the illustrations in the mag, very Manga-esque!

    1. I know they were so good! I loved the pictures and kinda wanted to keep them and not get them all drawn over! xxx

  2. Reminds me of the "Sunshine" magazine that we were introduced to when we were in school.

    1. Oh I've never seen that one! Maybe I am too old xxx


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