Friday, 22 August 2014

Postman Dad

I first saw Learning Resources on twitter, had a little look at their site and fell in love with their concept. Fun toys with an educational edge. As a teacher I really like toys that help my little ones to learn. I'm all for things that will help my children develop and learn skills that will help them in school. My girl is starting preschool in September so I really want to start to teach her things at home, that she can apply there. But I don't want her to think it's like school work as she is still really little and being little is all about playing!

When I saw the Learning Resources Post Office set? I knew my girls head would explode when she saw it. Literally explode. I saved it to take on holiday with us as I knew the weather was going to be bad and needed something exciting the have in my back pocket for when it go really bad. And day one? It was that bad already! Rainy Doom.

This set is amazing. It really reminded me of being at school I don't know why? It took me right back. It's a Post Office shop lay out which cleverly you can tuck away and carry around, the surfaces are wipe clean too. The amount of little post office bits and bobs it comes with is unbelievable. Yeah there's money and stamps but there is also things like tax discs to buy or dog licenses to get. You can send postcards. You can make teeny tiny little parcels. 

What I really loved about the Learning Resources Post Office set is the attention to detail. It has a clock so you can talk about time. Scales so you can talk about weights and items you can buy with prices on so you can start to talk to your little one about money and maths. But all under the guise of 'playing'. My girl enjoyed being the Postman lady and played for ages with 'Postman Dad' (who enjoyed the game more than was required!). I also thought it was great the way that you could carry the toy around and that all the bits and bobs fold away really neatly. 

The only small negative was that even though there were lots of lovely little tiny pieces my three year old found herself getting in a bit of a mess. When we get home I will get some polly pockets and help to sort everything out. My boy kept trying to rip things (such is the desire of a 19mth old). I think I will let her keep it as a special toy that she can have in her bedroom and play with when friends come round, or when Postman Dad is on his deliveries!

We were sent this toy to review but all our views are our own. We bloomin loved it! 
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  1. This looks amazing, I love how it all stores nicely in one carry case x

    1. Oh it was such a good toy and we have played with it some much. I kinda liked it for myself! xxx

  2. We've got this! Tis top and i had something very similar as a kid and loved it! x

    1. Yay! It's so good isn't it bab? I loved it so much. We have played with it lots and lots xxx


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