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Hello! I've not done a meme for ages but the lovely Emma (my blogging twin - long story) over at Emma and 3 and her new bloggy venture Mums Savvy Savings tagged me in a while ago and I thought I would have a crack. I always like these as they make me feel like I am being interviewed for Smash Hits magazine in 1989 - probably by Neil Tennant. I would be wearing shoes with bottle tops on and would fo sure have a perm. Anyway I digress...
Currently I am: Hiding in my bedroom. The husband came home early so he is watching the kids whilst I have a little bloggy break upstairs. I can hear the screams and have no desire to find out what is happening!
Reading: Ha! Reading? Saaaay what? Like as in a book? Not a chance mate. It's the summer hols and non stop manic! I have read one story from Take a Break and that is it! I am trying to comment on more blogs so I have been reading quite a lot of them. Also been looking at twitter lots? Does that count? 
Listening too: Don't think I'm too cool but I LOVE listening to Absolute 90's on my radio. Yeah that's right. Re-living my student days. Pretending I am 18 again whilst eating cold waffles of the floor and trying to get my toddler to put her bloody shoes on.
Today I made them a den - see the joy!
Laughing at: I have a particularly funny facebook message group thingy going on at the mo with some bloggy mates and it is making me giggle quite a lot. It's hard in the summer alone with the little ones all day so they have been vital for keeping me sane!
Swooning at: My husband. Obv! (Cough cough).
Planning: Every single day of this bloomin never ending holiday! Actually now I am loving it you know. I was a little bit scared but so far? The kids have been ace and I have seen lots and lots of friends and had loads of fun!
Eating lots: Of picnics!!!! Literally everyday we have a picnic. That's summer holidays for you!
Feeling: Bit tired but nice and happy.
Discovering: That I am more than capable of looking after two little toddlers for 11 hours a day. I am very happy I can do this. I was terrified but we are having a great old time. Also I have made some new friends in the past few months and it's great getting to know them a bit better.
Today we watched Dora. We lay on a pillow pet. I now want one for myself.
Wearing: Marc Jacobs sweetie (Primarni jamas - it's past 5pm what else would I be in!).
Cooking: I am trying a bit more to make sure we have a nice meal every night. As it's summer we are waiting for my husband to come home and eat with him as it's lighter. The kids love this so I try to make us have something nice. With a bit of sweetcorn for token children veg. And we seem to eat like loads of jelly. So that's nice.
Wondering: Where on earth I am going with this blogging marlarky?! I love it as a hobby but should I try and make more of it or should I keep on going like I'm going. Oh who knows! Let's give it till Christmas and construct a plan then shall we?
Trying out: I am really making me have a bit more (apologies for sounding 'w*nky') 'me' time. I make sure I go out at least once during the week on an evening and my parents come over for one morning a week so I try and do something then, even if it's just going to the local starbucks to eat cake.
So there you go! That's me! Thought I would include a couple of pictures from my day today which has been a bit rainy and crap. We made a den, we watched LOTS of Dora and of course we ate jelly. Again.
Tagging in these beauties I hung out with at the weekend Potty Mouthed MummySeychelles Mama and Cool Bananas Blog have a crack when you get the chance babs! Nice to do if you have a few minutes. 
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