Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wicked Wednesdays 20th August

This week I am away on my jollies! The hub is off for ten days and at the weekend we went to V Festival without the kiddies - just for the day mind and it WAS AMAZING! We saw lots of bands, danced a lot and had a smidge of booze. However I saw strangers private parts quite a bit which wasn't ideal really. Lots of people joined up last week but weird linky tools dropped a few people off the end. So sorry! Just let me know if that happens again and I will try and sort from my holiday abode.

One of my favourites from last week was Stopping at Two and the hilarious crapts, I shared over on my Instagram, the funny froggy Life as out Little Family and the terribly arty Potty Mouthed Mummy. All brilliant shots that made me laugh lots. I am loving reading through them all and I must admit I am really enjoying babies pulling some funny faces! Where I am staying there is no reception so I will retweet and comment and all that jazz when I get to the nearest village. Have a beaut week babs.

#wickedwednesdays rules

  • Firstly. Please add my special badge of my daughter weeping when I said she looked like Pat Butcher (?!).
  • The linky requires no words - it's summer and we've not got the time really have we? But feel free to write a few lines if you wish. I think no words is sometimes even funnier. We can make our own stories up then!
  • It will run from Wednesday early morning till Friday late evening. But feel free to link up any old photos from other weeks. One post per person but you can put a few funny pics if you wish.
  • I will comment on each one and if you include my twitter handle (follow me on @brummymummyof2) and #wickedwednesdays I will share your comedy picture. 
  • Try and comment on as many as you can, let's say two would be a good minimum.
  • If you also hashtag your piccy #wickedwednesdays on Instagram I will regram a few favourites each week with your handle and hopefully you will get some new followers.
  • That's it! It's just a bit of a giggle really. Enjoy!
Ah the joys of trying to get my children to model clothes. Sigh.

Linky tools is being an arse. Please link your post in the comments below and comment on others. Tried to fix on holiday with no reception. 
Nearly had a small breakdown. Apologies. 
I'm off to have some booze and a lie down xxx


  1. Ah, you've just made my day with that comment :-) Thanks lovely

  2. Here is my post:

  3. Here is mine :)

  4. Here's my contribution

    Love the pics! There's something about the words "smile for the camera" that toddlers seem translate into "pull a funny face".

  5. Ahh the 'nice smile' pics they're the best aren't they! Here is the link to mine for this week more me being wicked than her ;)

  6. Charlie aka Britney

  7. Here is Freyja refusing to just look normal on a photo

  8. Lol, my toddler gurns instead of smiling, it is so annoying!
    here is my post:

  9. Booze is the answer - who cares about the question :) I had a near impossible time trying to get our little girl to pose during our recent holiday but nothing as good as your two. Here's my #WickedWednesday contribution - post-holiday clutter

  10. Oh god, this totally gets me every time. Why do they have to move, blink, breathe? Here's mine:

  11. What a nightmare! Pimms and... breathe!! :-) Here's mine finally, 14 hours after my first attempt!!!: X

  12. Haha it's like this with my two boys, teen however loves to pose :)

  13. Pass the gin!

  14. Don't stress enjoy your holiday! I almost didn't have a pic then went and found little miss like this >>

  15. Here's my contribution for the week...this time baby is looking cute and hubby is the one with crazy 'chandler bing photo face'!!
    Love your pic this week, it's great the faces that kids pull when you want them to pose properly for the camera. They still look super cute though =) Hope the rest of your holiday is great! xxx

  16. Enjoy a well earned drink & relax!

  17. Ahhhh i hate when things dont go right and god i hate when places that dont have WiFi!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your hols lovey XX


  18. Ha not ones for the family album at all!

    Have a lovely break hun xx

  19. Here's mine :)

    Haha, my two are just the same. They look lovely...and then I get the camera out! sigh xx


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