Thursday, 7 August 2014

Yo Ho! It's Princess/Pirate time with Kids Tshirts.

Before I had my little ones I was determined to make sure both of them played with 'boys' and 'girls' toys. Their bedrooms were painted in neutral colours (even though we knew the sex. I am the worlds least patient person). My girl has been brought in the past vets play sets and my boy can often be found running around dressed as a little fairy prince (see my instagram for proof!). But there is no denying that my girl likes pink and princesses and my boy? Loves pirates and cars. And as long as I keep a healthy balance telling them they can be whatever they want when they are older? I think this is OK for now.

When we all sat down to choose a T-Shirt each for them from Kids Tshirts I asked them to choose the top they feel would match their job when they are 'big'. Low and behold, shock of all shocks, my girl chose a beautiful princess one and my boy, the pirate one. They also got the choice of what colour they would like their T-Shirt in and yes that's right, the girl chose pink and the boy? Well by this time the boy had ran off to go and chase the dog so I chose black for him.

There are stacks of other T's to choose from the costume part of the site. Doctors, to Ninja Turtles, to Alice in Wonderland. Why it was ideal for my girl is that the princess outfits she generally wears at ALL TIMES do not wash well at all, in fact I have been known to ruin the odd Rapunzel one, and let's not discuss what happened to the Belle one (shhh 'the bin'). This T still makes her feel like a princess, albeit a more practical one. Also I'm not sure if you have tried to find fancy dress for little boys? It is nigh on impossible! Paired with some red shorts we already had from Matalan he could easily have worn this to a birthday party.

Overall I loved these cute tops and I think that they also would make a great present for someone. I love the Christmas range as you can't beat a child in a comedy Christmas T-shirt. Fact. If you want to look at the range then check out the Kids Tshirts site. Loads of cute things on the costume part and some totally beaut little vests for newborns too (the strawberry vest made me want another baby - JOKE before I scare my husband).

Of course my girl will not be a princess when she is older (unless George has his eyes on a slightly older woman!), and let's hope my boy doesn't run away to be a pirate. But for now whilst they are little I will let them imagine they can be anything they want, and the teacher in me will be encouraging them to learn lots whilst they are sat there in full fancy dress.

We were asked to choose two T-Shirts from the costume part of the site for review purposes

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