Thursday, 4 September 2014

As the summer sails away...

My girl starts pre-school in a few weeks (sob) but this does mean that even though I have gone back to work part time we still have a few more days to fill up and class as our summer holidays. This week the weather was mild so I decided to sit in the garden and do a bit of (gulp) water play with some Learning Resources Sail Away Shapes.

I filled two little Ikea blue drawers from the playroom with some warm water and bubbles and then dished the ships out. Even though the Sail Away Shapes were really for my boy to play with my girl loved them too and picked all the 'girly' colours to play with. Leaving my boy with the greens and blues. There are eight ships in total and each mast only fits into the boat with the corresponding shape. So whilst you are all getting soaking wet (urgh), you are also learning about both colours ands shapes. They then all link together to form a massive line of colourful little boats.

What I loved about this Learning Resources toy is that again it is teaching the children something but allowing them to learn through play, which is really important at this toddler and pre-school age. Like the Post Office we reviewed on our holiday a few weeks ago, my little lovelies had no clue that they were learning about colours and shapes. My girl was brilliant at matching them all up and the challenge for her was to get them all lined up, whereas my boy was just trying to pass me the colours that matched as his hands are still a bit babyish and his technique of ramming them in as hard as possible whilst shouting "BOAT" didn't quite work!

Overall the Learning Resources Sail Away Shapes were brilliant for both my boy and my girl, aimed at 2-6 years old they will be a fab addition to bath time play and they also come in a dead handy little mesh storage bag so they can be kept on the side of the bath and the water can drain off. The kids loved them and I think in the new year when my boy turns two he will really be able to make use of them rather than just screaming "BOAT" continuously followed by "WET". To find out more please visit the Learning Resources website.

I filmed a little video of the kids using the toys and asked them what they thought - please have a little watch and hear their brummy tones!

We were sent this lovely little toy to review but all views are mine and the children's.
We're going on an adventure


  1. Cuties ;) if I had a garden (mine is currently full of building materials, general shit and builders… grrr) I'd be all over this stuff :) but mostly I've been watching toy story on repeat… which is slowly making me want to DIE. xx

    1. Oh god bab - course it is. Relentless. However I am too scared to watch the third one as I know it's like proper sad so I just keep avoiding it and pretending it doesn't exist xxx

  2. Looks fun-and I love the response to the question 'why is it good?', 'because it is'-my children answer exactly the same way and it's a fair point :)

  3. I like these, think they would go down well in my house too! Great video #triedtested

  4. Aww, lovely toy and such a cute video! #TriedTested

  5. Aww! That looks like a lot of fun! How adorable x

  6. Love the look of these, perfect for play indoors, outdoors or at bath time! Thanks for linking upw ith #TriedTested

  7. Lovely! Kids love water and bubbles.. or at least they do in my experience! #TriedTested

  8. They look fantastic. We love Learning Resources products and with a new water tray in our house these would be fab. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  9. Ah these look fab. Bella loves anything like this- I must get the water tray out for her this week x x x


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