Friday, 19 September 2014

Birds Eye #Afterschoolschef Challenge

One of my favourite memories about being a little girl was eating Birds Eye Fish Fingers and Waffles for my tea (or dinner if you're posh!). After school days I continued to eat them at uni as they are good value for money, and then in my twenties they were a God send for dieting as they are so low in fat. Now in my 30's I am the mother to a pre-schooler (SOB) and have found that they help me with my everyday routine when she gets home from school for lunch. So here are my top tips for getting your little one settled at meal times after the excitement and crazy non routine days of summer!

My little family talk about their love of Birds Eye!

  • I let my girl choose what she likes to eat (within reason or else it would be cake three times a day). So often we pop down our local high street on the way back from pre school and she picks a few meals she would like during the week. I can guarantee Birds Eye Fish Fingers will feature as well as their Chicken Dippers. My boy is obsessed with the Waffles so we pick a few of them up too.
  • We tend to eat the same meals each day of the week. So when my girl asks what she wants for tea on the way to school in the morning (every bloomin single day!) I can tell her. On my working days I often just pull something easy out of the freezer like Birds Eye Mashtags which I know my children will enjoy. I also love their bags of microwavable veg so I know they are getting their greens in too.
  • As my husband leaves for work really early in the morning, part of our routine is definitely sitting down all together as a family and having a chat about what's happened during the day. Now, don't go thinking we are the prefect family. Sometimes the IPad may have a lady unwrapping Kinder Eggs on it in the background, hey but at least we are together!
  • Obviously my husband doesn't want Birds Eye Fish Fingers and Waffles for EVERY meal (fool - I ruddy would if I could) so recently I have tried some different things for us, with the Birds Eye Rice Fusion bags and also we had a beaut chicken breast with a BBQ sauce on it.
  • On a working day my parents look after the children and if I am late back from a meeting it is nice for me, and for them, to know that there are some healthy food in the fridge. They are things that they know my kids love and are quick and easy to cook.

Birds Eye food definitely helps me stick to a good mealtime routine as their products are quick and easy to cook, as well as being low fat and full of nutritious ingredients. They also help my girl, because like when I was little, they are meals that remind her of home and keep everyone happy and full up! 

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolschef challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. 
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  1. How happy do your little ones look with these dinners! (or tea) :-)

    I am a huge fan of waffles too! My girls love the mini waffles, which are perfect for little tummy's!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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