Saturday, 27 September 2014

eFRAME Helps with Project Playroom

We are super lucky that my parents look after my children two days a week whilst I work. Even luckier that they do it from my own house (the dream!). Last year we converted the dining room into a playroom and in the past few weeks, with the help of me gorging on Pinterest, I have been redecorating it (more to follow on that soon!). The main feature of the room is a photo wall and on it are frames we have picked up from various different places, but two of our favourites come from eFRAME.

eFRAME is an on-line framing shop which gives you various different options to help choose the frame that fits the prints, pictures or photos you wish to frame perfectly. I knew that I wanted two particular pieces of work done by my girl to feature on the wall. The first being the little calender produced at nursery when she was one and the second being her a (albeit it terrifying) face that she drew unaided. We went on-line to eFRAME and typed in the size of frame that we wanted, along with the colours (green and purple), we also picked the depth of the wood and stated that we didn't want the option of a it being mounted. The results were beaut!

What we loved about eFRAME was that often we just pick up random frames here and there and they never quite fit the pictures we want properly, unless they are the bog standard sizes, which kids art generally isn't. There was a wide range of frames on offer and lots of different colours. Also as with anything, it is much easier to buy this kind of thing on-line when you have the pictures in front of you to measure, rather than panic buying in Ikea with your little ones running around screaming and you having a breakdown!

The only downside is that these frames are a little more expensive than the ones usually found in supermarkets, so it would have set us back a bit to do the whole wall in these frames. However for special pictures that you want to look nice and well framed eFRAME is the prefect place to shop. For further information about the range of frames on offer at eFRAME check out their website here.

We were gifted two frames of our choice for the purpose of a review.



  1. These look gorgeous and what a clever idea because children's pictures never really confirm to the standard sizes. Interesting review, thnx x

  2. Oh actually I have stuff from our hollygogs I need framing so will take a look. Can't wait to see the finished room - we did this and at 8 and 6 we got our dining room back last year xx

  3. Wow that picture wall is stunning and love all the different coloured frames :-)

  4. I love mix match frames like this, such an effective look! x

  5. This is exactly the vision I have for my play area and you've created looks absolutely fab Em

  6. These are lovely, and I really like the bright colours. The whole wall looks great!


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