Taking a Gin Bath with Friends

One of the best things that has happened since I started blogging is that I have found a whole extra new group of friends up and down the country. What starts off as a single tweet, or blog comment can end up with you talking to people everyday. So this weekend I was luckily enough to meet up with seven wonderful women who are fellow bloggers, and show them what Brum has to offer on a night out. I knew there was only one place to go...the infamous Jekyll and Hyde. 

A lot of my friends have talked about this venue for a long time and as I have visited other bars in their little mini chain and LOVED their quite frankly very boozy cocktails, I wanted to bring my little bloggy chums to visit and try out the delights on offer. Including the Jekyll and Hyde speciality, a gin bath. Yes, a bath of gin. Granted a bath that a puppy could wash in, but a bath non the less! 

We arrived and the venue is amazing. Think old mans pub, meets Alice in Wonderland, meets a mad drunk scientist who spends all day boozing and inventing amazing cocktails (what a job!). The table was piled high with teacups and teeny tiny glasses to pop in the bath of gin. Tea was served in vintage tea pots and the sandwiches arrived on vintage cake trays. 

We were given a selection of sandwiches, cakes and oddly a little jelly! They were scrummy but if you were thinking about this being the stomach lining meal before a big night out like we did, maybe plan a meal out a bit later on otherwise you will get super tipsy and may end up twerking to R Kelly 'Remix' (no names Sian, Elfa and Sarah) or doing the running man whilst singing Ice Ice Baby (Steph). 

Along with the gin bath I tried a Jekyll and Hyde Cosmo as well as the totally mouth watering and proper lethal 'Bramble' cocktail. All lovingly served to us by a bar tender dressed as the mad hatter. You could also watch the cocktails being made at the beautiful bar that was filled with all sorts of little odd bits and bobs and crazy little knick knacks. 

Overall the Jekyll and Hyde is a fab place to go and have a few cheeky cocktails. They are quite reasonably priced for the centre of Brum and even if you don't book into to sit upstairs in the gin parlour (book well in advance!) the downstairs is equally amazing with cocktails arriving in jam jars and brilliant graffiti surrounds the beer garden. I will defo be going to have a few Brambles again with mates again. If you fancy a visit check out their site here.

And you can't visit Brum without a trip to the Floozie in the Jacuzzi!

We received free afternoon teas teas but all views are honest! That Bramble was beaut! 
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