Saturday, 20 September 2014

ZURU Toys Blow my Children's Mind!

We have a bit of a pattern at the moment. Whilst getting for pre-school in the morning we have Milkshake on and my girl decides any advert for any toy is something she wants on her Christmas list. So when she recieved a Twizzle and a ROBOFish Pirate from ZURU to try? Her little head nearly fell off.

Firstly she played with the Twizzle. Which to me is the brightest toy I have ever seen in my life. But to my girl? Was the dream. Its a little puppy head that comes with all bits and bobs like crazy hair that you can swap around. When you press the Twizzle's head down and then push it's tail, it 'Twizzles' around. I had to watch this happen 20+ times whilst my girl screamed hysterically. When she discovered that the little cupcake the Twizzle comes with moves it's head, well I had to watch her feed it 30+ time. Thrilling for me as you can imagine.

What we loved about the Twizzle was the colour and the fact that you can move bits and bobs around. If you have a few of them (there are six in total) you could have right fun mixing and matching the hair and little hearts. It kept my girl entertained for ages. What we didn't like was some of the items that went with the Twizzle were tiny but we just have to make sure they are kept safely somewhere before her little brother, well... eats them.

Next we cracked open the ROBOFish Pirate. Now this blew my mind. Seriously. It is like a proper fish. When you open it you think ah just another toy. Put it in the water? And it swims around like an actual fish! (I know I had two goldfish in my teens, one was named after Gary Barlow, my Mother may have accidentally killed them). The fish is 100% waterproof and can swim eight feet deep. Once you took it out of the water and dried it, placed it on it's little stand it stops moving. But then pop it in? And it bloomin starts again! Amazing.

Aimed at older children than my boy who is 20 months the fish really is very good and to be honest freaked me out a bit. At one point when we took it out to dry I was concerned for it's welfare! Like a ROBOFish could die? My kids loved watching it and I think it would be amazing to play with it in a swimming pool or a bigger vase than the one we had. What we liked was that the fish came with spare batteries and also a helpful little stand to put it on. What we didn't like? Nothing. We loved it! 

We were lucking enough to be gifted these two toys to review but if you fancy finding out further information please look here for Twizzles and here for ROBOFish Pirates! You can buy these little beauts in Argos, Asda, Smyths, The Entertainer, Tesco and Toys R US.



  1. Oh your Daughter looks so excited! Bless her! x

  2. The kids are desperate for fish... this little toy might just do the trick! x

  3. Aw bless her - her face says it all, definitely toddler approved!!! Thanks for joining in our linky #toddlerapprovedtuesday x

  4. Her face is a picture! So cute #ToddlerApprovedTuesday x

  5. Your girl looks so happy! They both look like they're enjoying their new toys. We have a similar robofish--they last ages!

  6. Eeeee!!! Look at their little faces!!! We can safely say these toys are defo toddler approved!!! Thanks for linking, hopefully see you next week when Leandra ( will be hosting X #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  7. You review is so funny, the expressions of your kids are fab. My son also wants a twizzle, I know he's a boy but Milkshake has alot to answer for. I just bought him a Digibird for Christmas... can't argue with the kids eh?! lol

  8. Aww, they look so excited!

  9. They look so excited and adorable. Taking note on the fish in case Baby D ever says he wants a pet! Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews


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