Ghouls, Ghosts and Goats at Hatton

So all of a sudden Halloween seems to be a bit of a big thing doesn't it? When I was little you may get a too small plastic witch mask that would crack as soon as you put it on your face, or the elastic bad would pop and nearly blind you. But now? It's like a proper big thing! And as I am a follower of things we have spent half term celebrating it, with the main event taking place at one of our favourite days out... Hatton Country World.

I have always loved Hatton (even pre-kids) as it is a really good day out and by day out I don't mean two hours, I mean you can properly spend the whole day there. There are some beaut shabby chic shops upon arrival (and you know I love bunting) and then in the Country World itself? There is LOADS to do. And for Halloween they really go that little extra step further.

Along with the farm animals you can feed, the swings, slides and little fair rides you can go on and the worlds best soft play (according to me, as it is big, clean and serves ruddy lovely food) Halloween at Hatton offers a range of fab extras. You get a voucher to go and pick a pumpkin in a proper pumpkin patch. Which baffled me. How do they grow? I know how they grow but aren't they odd? There is also a tractor ride and a spooky Halloween show which had my girl in stitches.

Walking around Hatton you will see approximately one gazillion pumpkins as well as ghouls and ghosts hanging out with the goats. Staff are dressed up and a witch parades around the soft play area. Today it was quite busy as it was half term but to be fair we never queued for anything and managed to easily get a seat in the show. I think we timed things right by having lunch as early as possible.

We had a fantastic day out. Even when it rained we still were smiling. We got home with mud up our coats and sand in our wellies. And some teeny tiny pumpkins to put in our living room. Aces. To find out more visit Hatton Country World

We were gifted these tickets to go and review this fab place!
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