Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Halloween Decorations Toddler Style

Mwah ha haaaaa! And all that malarkey. Hoorah! It's nearly Halloween. It's officially Autumn and we get to wear wooly jumpers, boots and leggings. OK well I always wear leggings, but you get the picture.

Recently I did a Halloween Haul of some shops on my local high street. I wanted to get some bits and bobs to make our playroom a bit more festive. But not so festive my girl would have nightmares for the whole month. So here are the decos we got from Poundland up and looking very U rated. Which is perfect for my little fam. There are a few additions from other places here and there. But please enjoy our toddler Halloween and watch the haul for more ideas for spooky cake bits from the other high street joy in my life; Aldi. 

Creepy chandelier and pack of two pumpkin lanterns from Poundland

Spooky spider from Poundland

Cute Halloween bunting from Poundland

Teeny tiny pumpkin from Waitrose, ceramic candle from Ikea,
 Apple and Cinnamon candle from Home Bargains for 69p!

Terrifying tinsel from Poundland
Silly spider and batty bat from Gisella Graham brought in the sale last year

Happy Halloween bunting from Poundland

Our silly spider up close

Mwah ha ha haaaaa super scary! (well not really) 

As you can see it's not the scariest of rooms but it's enough for my two at the moment. It cost very little and it's made them very, very, happy. And to be honest? That's all that ruddy matters! Now go and watch me be super Brummy in my little haul co-starring my boy!



  1. I now feel the need to go to Poundland. It all looks fab, I'd not heard of Halloween tinsel, and I loved that vid :) xx

  2. Looks fabulously toddler scary! :) XX Happy Halloween! :)

  3. Oh I just love Poundland!! We don't 'do' Halloween but if we did I'd be going to Poundland too! x

  4. Love it all. My husband wouldn't let me buy a colour changing ghost in Poundland the other day. I'm surprised we're still together thinking back! x

    1. Ha ha ha! This comment really made me laugh! x

  5. Looks great - I LOVE halloween and always have a party but haven't organised one for this yet but you've inspired me to get on and do it! :-)


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