I heart Birmingham

It is a fact that Birmingham has more canals than Venice. I don't know if this really is a fact but we are all told that it is a fact and like Father Christmas I am going to choose to believe it is true. The name of this blog may have given it away but to clarify I am a Brummy (or Brummie). And I love my city. It's probably very uncool to live where you were born. One ex boyfriend once said that I was a "loser" for doing so (nob) but I love it. And he had stupid hair anyway.

A few weekends ago me and the husband went into the city centre and took a trip on a boat up and down the canals. It was a bit naff weather and the boat was, how shall I say it nicely?, well loved, but the captain (do they have captains of canal barges?) was fab and funny and did a good little speech as we floated along. So here are some photos from our mini adventure. Birmingham is the furthest place away from the sea in the whole of the UK so this is the closest we can get to water! *

*again not sure if this is an actual fact. 

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