Thursday, 30 October 2014

Itchy Skin is ANNOYING!

We are a family of itchy creatures. I have suffered with eczema for as long as I can remember and then when my two wore born? They were alas struck down with the same irritating condition. I will be honest when my girl was really little I found it so frustrating as my doctor didn't seem to take it seriously. When you are tired and hormonal, I will be honest it did make made me weep. We tried vegetable oil, Vaseline and a host of other horrible smelling prescribed things. I am a bit cross I was never offered Aveeno, a brand I stumbled across at BritMums earlier in the year.

At the time my son was going through quite a bad dry skin phase so I pretty much attacked them to get information about the brand. What drew me to it originally was that it looks nice. Yes, this is shallow. But it just looks really nice and it also smells nice. When you are bathing children you don't want them to come out smelling like a chip and Aveeno does not have this problem!

Made with Colloidal Oatmeal it has been clinically proven to help restore the epidermal barrier (the top layer of skin for those who aren't scientists and dead clever like me, cough) leaving it feeling soft and comfortable. As I too have the driest skin I thought I would try it out too. It really is a lovely product that rubs in easily and I can assure you I didn't smell like a chip!

If you visit the Aveeno website you are also able to download a really lovely book to read to your children about the 'Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie'. Helping to explain why some people have itchy skin and the reasons why they need nice lotions on, my girl loved hearing just before she popped in the bath. Whilst we were sent these products to trial, Aveeno has been something that I have used since I first saw them at BritMums and I will continue to use them in the future!


  1. I've used this before. I remember it smelling really nice compared to other moisturisers. It's really hard when you're constantly itchy to actually feel normal so anything to ease it is fab!

  2. I have excema and so does Bubs and you're right the prescribed creams etc have an awful smell. I've never tried Aveeno but now I'm going to track it down and try it.

  3. Not only do the prescribed creams smell foul - you're also told not to get your child's clothes too close to a naked flame after applying them as they're flammable!!!! We are big Aveeno fans in this house - and some aloe vera based creams too - anything that's not petrol based to be honest!! I suffer horribly - but only 1 of my 4 has got anything other than childhood eczema - her dermatologist at the hospital was quite pro Aveeno (but still can't get it on prescription!!) Hope everyone has itch free nights tonight. xx

  4. It doesn't hurt that this stuff doesn't smell foul! I swear by this and Elimis Bath Milk used concentrate on a cotton pad to sooth my ultra dry skin!


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