Just Me and My Boy

Shhhh. I have a secret. When my girl is at preschool? Me and my boy go off on adventures. Mini little moments of fun where it is just the two of us. I always tell the girl that we are doing housework or washing or a range of other dead boring activities. But really? We are having fun that will definitely also include the odd cake and an illicit fruit shoot.

This week we went off and spent a couple of hours at one of my favourite places on earth - The Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I love it unreasonably. I love the way that during the week it is as if you are roaming around on your own. It is especially fantastic during Autumn time where the ground is covered with piles and piles of leaves that are just desperate for little tiny boy wellies to kick, and grubby hands to pick up and pass to me. My girl is the main star of this blog - with her hilarious and sometimes frustrating toddler style antics. But have a little look at these piccys and you will see? That her bro is giving her a run for her money with his posing ways and his big beaut blue eyes. Oh I could eat him for my tea! (in like a not actually eating a child way. Obvs).

These days out will continue to happen as long as my boy keeps nice and quiet and doesn't tell my girl. At the moment when he mutters the odd word like "fish" or "leaf" she thinks he is being mad. Which is perfect!

Watch fun from a prior day out to The Botanical Gardens here!

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