My Ruddy Lovely Nan

I am very lucky that my Nanny Joyce is still around. She is not only still around at the grand old age of 93 but she still is funny, and witty, and clever and just all round aces. She still gives me pocket money and it is a well known fact that over the past two decades she has kept me well stocked in posh Marks and Sparks loo roll, as well as toothbrushes and the odd toothpaste. Sadly these days she is forgetting the odd thing and occasionally can't remember who has visited her or what she had for her lunch. But get her to give her opinion on the X Factor and BOOM she's back in the room. She is amazing.

My girl's middle name is after her Great Nanny. A fact that my Nan does not like. But my girl loves. We all went out for food for my Nan's birthday and my little sister came back for the weekend too. She once said her friends like my blog but that I don't write enough about her. So I am going to...still write nothing about her. Ha! (one day I will devote a whole post to you and then you will be shocked!). We then piled back to my rents house and tucked into some lovely birthday cake. Here are some piccys from the brilliant day and let's hope there are many more fab Great Nanny Joyce birthdays to come...

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