Reality TV (hopefully) gets me cooking!

My friends know two things about me. Two little facts that they often like to take the mick out of me for. These are 1) my unreasonable love of reality TV. I will watch anything from talent shows with dancing dogs to programmes about Sisters Wives and 2) I can't cook. I like to think it is because I don't have the inclination too. But as I have never really tried. Who knows? So now I am a gulp 'school run Mum'. I do have a little extra time when my boy is napping in the afternoon and my girl is exhausted from pre-school, to have a crack at making some proper beaut family fodder.

I want make things that the kids will love but also that me and the hub will enjoy (there is only so long a waffle will suffice), so when I saw that Stacey Solomon had filmed a cooking video? I thought "YES" I can combine my love of cheesy reality television stars and my hatred of cooking. The actual dream. The dead short clip talks about cooking with Keema. Originally from South Asia, Keema is lamb mince that is usually prepared as a curry with peas. But it also can be used to add to Shepherds Pie (like Stacey does in the clip) or can be bunged on jacket potatoes or pasta.

Filmed alongside chef Nisha Katona, the recipe shows how you can put Keema in the good old favourite tea (or dinner if you're posh) Shepherds Pie. Combined with garlic that my husband and I love, and sweet potato that my children adore, it gives a bit of a twist on the usual home cooked meals. Another thing that was perfect for me is that as I'm not cooking's biggest fan (I am trying to change honest!) I could cook the Keema during the weekend, then freeze it and use it a few times during the week. Or when I am work, leave it out for my Mum or Dad to give to my kids after pre-school.

This is definitely something I am going to try in the next few weeks and I will keep you posted on my cooking progress. Who knows? Next year I could offer to cook Christmas dinner for everyone!*

*this will never happen.
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