Top Tips for Toddler Nightmares

My girl loves a Disney film. Like loves them unreasonably. But the problem with a Disney film? Is that they contain the grimmest of all children characters...'the baddy'. Mother Gothel, Cinderella's evil Step Mother and that rotten Prince Hans (who would have guessed he was a wrong un?). As she is getting older she is getting more fearful of 'the baddy' and sometimes struggles to sleep, or wakes up crying after having a nightmare.

This will probably only get worse in the month of October with a variety of Halloween bits and bobs out and about and cropping up on the tele. So to help your little one through the creepy month of October, here are some tips to deal with the doom of children having nightmares.

  • If your child wakes up from a nightmare a bit upset, try not to ignore them, pop in and give them a cuddle and help them calm down. 
  • Maybe read a story together that will help them relax by distracting them from what they were worried about.
  • A night light can help your child if they wake up in the middle of the night. They can be left on just whilst your child is dropping off, or leave it on all night in case they are likely to wake up upset.
  • Talk about what happened in the dream and explain that lots of people have nightmares, even you!
  • Avoid watching scary movies before bedtime. A good film to help with the fear of baddies under the bed is Monsters Inc. Which proves that even monsters can be goodies!

  • Surround your little one with their favourite toys or even better why not invest in a character bed that will make them feel all lovely and safe? I love this princess carriage one as well as this ace VW style vintage one.
  • Fill a little spray bottle with water, label it 'Baddy Begoner'. Spray it around the room before your child sleeps, or if they wake up use it to get rid of any potential baddies!
Nightmares are inevitable. So it is best to make your little one feel as safe as possible in their bed and hopefully these tips will stop bloomin evil Mother Gothel from giving your tot nightmarish grief!

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