Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Yum Brum Pizza Express Fun!

Recently I wrote about the utter DOOM of taking two toddlers out to eat. So when Pizza Express in Brindley Place offered us chance to go and test out their menu. I'll be honest? I was terrified. But. Me and the hub sucked it up and, after visiting SEA LIFE Birmingham which is just around the corner, we popped in for some food. 

For those who don't know Birmingham very well 1) change this and visit asap it is aces and 2) Brindley Place is just off Broad Street and is one of the liveliest places to eat and drink in the city. The Pizza Express there is in a prime position and the layout and decor is just lovely. For starters we went for the ultimate family favourite garlic dough balls. Standard.

As per usual they were yum. Whilst we were waiting for the mains. My girl got the chance to make a pizza with the ever so friendly staff. She loved it so much but went a little OTT on the cheese (that's my girl!). We then settled down to eating. The kids had a small pizza to share from the children's menu whilst I opted for a lower fat pizza with a salad. I would show you a picture of my husband's lasagne. But he inhaled it. So there is no evidence it ever existed.

Puddings I went for a lower fat option with a chocolate cheesecake. Whilst the kids had their all time fav. Ice cream. The food came quickly and was really tasty. My girl loved the whole experience and the staff were so kind to her. Children get a little hat, colouring and stickers so for the main? They were entertained bar when my boy had a full on breakdown and had to be removed and taken for a walk. I will say it is quite pricey for an everyday thing but for a special treat it's a fab place to visit.

If you're near the canals, or fancy somewhere a little walk out of the city centre definitely pop into Pizza Express Brindley Place for your tea (Hey I'm a brummy. We say tea not dinner, stop being so bloomin posh bab).

We were gifted our meals to review the very lovely Brindley Place Pizza Express.


  1. I love Pizza Express but haven't attempted it yet with Archie, he has Autism so it's even harder to sit & eat, so far we've stuck to Maccy D's & KFC although not often, I'm a good mum really!

  2. Went there last Sunday after Disney on Ice at the NIA - did think of you! One day our paths will cross (not said in a weird stalker way - honest!!)


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