Saturday, 29 November 2014

Festive Favourites Round Up Week 2

Welcome to this weeks Festive Favourites round up! I am excited as in my household this is the week that the birthdays also begin. My children and I have our birthdays all within four weeks and Christmas and shoved somewhere amongst that is our wedding anniversary! December is a weeping month for my hub. We have to save up ALL year for this short space of time. So ever so often you may see a little birthday favourite creep in too...

Festive Nights: Johnson's Bedtime Range
My children have suffered from quite dry skin since they were born so we had to avoid any kind of bath products when they were little which made me so sad as you kinda have this idea that newborns smell of Johnson's baby powder. Mine stank of vegetable oil and Vaseline. As they are older, we now use the Johnson's Bedtime Range everyday. Bath time is super important to my husband as it's the only chance he really gets to spend with the children (and the only chance I get to have a cup of tea and watch Real Housewives Miami - I prefer New Jersey but it's not on at the moment). 

We mainly use the baby bedtime wash and lotion and it just smells super nice. Especially on these cold evenings it is lovely to have a nice Yankee Candle (I AM OBSESSED) on, out of reach obviously, and have the lovely smell of Johnson's products wafting down the hall. Then we all get into bed and watch a Christmas film and the children say goodnight sweetly and drift off to sleep (clearly they go mental in front of the Simpsons and we fight them into bed but you get the idea). Amazing stuff! To learn more about the Johnson's range visit here. 

Festive Birthday: The Boy
The girls invites went out months ago. The problem with having a birthday over Christmas is that you have to kinda fight for space in between family gatherings and trips to Father Christmas. My boys is right at the start of the New Year so we are posting invites out for his do this week. He's not having a theme as his is just at the local Wacky Warehouse (#stinkyballs) but we wanted some nice invites and ordered them from The Card Gallery.

With a large range of designs and styles online, I decided on these rather vintage Cath Kidston style invites which my boy LOVES as he is hugely into dinosaurs. The reason why I loved The Card Gallery was because it was super easy to design the cards. They sent you a proof to make sure that we had the right dates and times. Which for me was fab as a I am a bit OCD and would have worried. They also arrived quickly. And I think the style we chose didn't look too cheesy compared to my girls OTT Hello Kitty ones! If you would like to order invitations for any kind of event then check out The Card Gallery here.

Festive Gifts: Fisher Price Minnie's House
My girl loves Disney. So hard. She watches Disney Junior all the time, well in between watching that weird kinder egg lady. One her favourite programmes is Minnie's Boutique. She loves the song. She loves Figaro (the cat obv). She loves the bows. She loves the weird tiny bird that lives in the clock (?!). So the receiving the Fisher Price Minnie's House was her dream. And I'll be honest? I was a bit jel. It reminded me of the excitement of getting my first Sindy house (remember her?).

Firstly it's super easy to put together with the minimum of fuss. Although if you buy this little joy for Christmas morning you may want to make it up before hand as you have to put stickers on. Which is a bit of a pain in the bum when your children are high off eating 15 selection boxes for Christmas. What we both loved about Minnies House was all the little bits and bobs that came with it. There's everything from a cat bed to a teeny tiny Minnie loo! My girl is not the kinda girl to do lots of imagination play but she literally has not stopped playing with this beauty. I think it's perfect for little girls from age two upwards. And would be ace for that amazing main gift that we all want to our kiddos to receive and squeal over on Christmas morning. You can find out more about Fisher Price Minnies House here.

Festive Fun: Webbs of Wychbold
This week I took the crazies to Webbs of Wychbold to visit Father Christmas. We visited last year and had amazing time so I was really looking forward to seeing what they did this time. What I love about this festive experience is that the grotto is proper old school. Those brummy's reading this will remember the days of going to Lewis's top floor and walking through a snowy scene before you got to the big man and this is just like it! Father Christmas himself was fun and lovely to talk to but the best bit? The best bit is the warehouse...

Ran by Elves the warehouse allows children to pick ANY TOY THEY WANT! And there are loads of different ones on offer. And like last year we ended up waiting hours whilst she chose. She had a little dolly with lots of bits and bobs to go with it and the boy chose a "choo choo". They were proper over the moon. We then went ice skating. Yes. I went ice skating. Alone. With two todders. Gah! The staff were really friendly and we did have a good giggle. Both my little ones had skates on that go round the shoe and then they sat on a banana which I pushed round the rink. By pushed I mean which I clung to whilst screaming at the top of my lungs!

We then spent two hours looking around the Webbs garden centre. Looking at all the Christmas decorations and the pet shop. Oh we had a grand day! You don't have to go ice skating and you don't have to see Father Christmas. You can book to do either, or both! And there were friendly staff on hand to help you if you are crap at ice skating. And your tights maybe start to fall down. Go and book your slot here.

So that's it for this week! You can read last weeks here and have a beaut start to your festive season. It's December OFFICIALLY this week. And it's also cough my birthday cough. I will be 22. SHUT UP I WILL! 

We were offered the above products to review but they only feature in the 
roundup if they are super duper and we love em lots.


  1. we use the johnsons bed time range it smells lush, love your ice skating pictures I'm the worst at skating spend the whole time attached to the side trying to avoid the lunatics zooming past!

    1. Oh it just smells like what babies should smell like! I love it so much! x

  2. Haha Happy 22nd Babs! What a gorgeous, festive week, I feel all Christmassy reading this and how cute is that Minnie House and your daughter is just stunning! I love Johnson's everything and now only use baby products on myself. 'Cause I'm worth it! Mwah x

    1. Oh god she loved it. Imagine that coming through the door when you were 3! x

  3. I love Johnsons Bedtime stuff. It smells lush! x


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